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How was Frome Open Art Trail?

I asked this question to a ceramicist who had been at the neighbouring venue yesterday.

this is my reply

At the Open Art Trail 2021 I ran a Venue from my house, exhibiting with my friend from our Uni experience -Jo Waterworth. We were fellow mature students coming to art in later life and find that our approaches and colour palette work very well together despite using contrasting media.

My work is 2D but often textured in the collage/paintings, such as my most recent 3 Sophias piece, and the print work is process-based and takes several sessions to build up. Jo’s is equally process-based with hand-building of ceramics and an organic, experimental approach. Together we celebrate the unplanned and unpredictable, making art that is unique and immediately identifiable.

Image credit to Mick Yates

with thanks

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