Viv Meadows is an artist who lives now in Frome, Somerset who specialises in  collage and printing. Her art practice came into being during what she describes as her ‘Middle Ages’, undertaking the completion of a BA in Fine Art at Bath Spa University (2014-18) as a mature student which opened up a visually creative world with inspiring and dynamic young colleagues.

With a previous career in promotion of adoption and fostering and line management, Viv's insight and looks for what is going on under the surface, moving from evocative impressions to figurative images using line,, monotone and searing colour, humour and irony.

Viv’s work is informed by a female perspective and the ways in which other artists incorporate their experience by invoking political and social outcomes along with their theoretical consideration of others; she is particularly influenced by   Suzanne Lacey Mira Schor and with the written field Olivia Laing