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Life is evolving and my artistic focus has moved on... (May Update)

It’s sometime since I’ve written a blog and as with time, my artistic focus has moved on..


I felt my collage work needed more paint and more painting skills so I embarked on a 12-week course with Lynn Keddie, an expressive artist

who offered a mix of on-line lessons and weekly individual feedback.  I can thoroughly recommend this at whatever stage you are.

The other innovations over the past 18 months have been writing poetry in relation to art exhibitions at the Black Swan, which led me into writing poetry more generally and even attending poetry workshops led by  feminist theologian  and poet, Nicola Slee and Rosie Jackson, an award-winning poet.

13 lines of lunar travel

13 cycles just over a year, the fit,

lunar cycles


Saunter on their predictable path.


But differing

Relating to lockdown experience

To Harvest, Hunters Blue, Crow , pink Blue Thunder, Barley Harvest,

Serried ranks or perambulation

Optical varies.


Stitched into some form of permanence

Each varied in meditation


Then as each cycle ends, almost disappears.

Ongoing, ever so.


Quiet reflective times

Earth moons

Dipping down

Then covered

Deeply covered.



I’m not a poet!  But life is evolving... I’m finding working with a group really helpful and inspiring.  You can find our work on the Facebook page, Words at the Black Swan.


And my art?  Well two paintings were the outcome of the work I did with Lynn and they’re hung at the Frome Artist Show at the local contemporary art gallery, The Black swan, with some cards and a print with a bit of a story related to my visits to cousins in New Zealand and cousin Donald’s visit to the UK, and at Least half of Europe and Lapland

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