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A special day with lots of Serendipity!

Rather than continuing to blog about getting into Wells Art Contemporary.

I felt it was more significant to tell of a series of related happenings that made it a very special day on the 1st day of the exhibition on Saturday July 30th. 6 years ago, I had the opportunity to visit New York New York for the price of the air fare!

As someone who just embarked on an art degree in mid-life I jumped at the chance with a musician friend Liz who was to sing in a concert in Carnegie Hall

Our hosts were Rev Brenda Husson and sculptor, installation artist Thomas D Faulkner.

During our stay Tom provided me with a daily schedule of exhibitions and installations to visit.

On hearing of their recent arrival holidaying in the South West at the beginning of WAC I sent the invitation to visit the exhibition; I had a strong feeling that Tom would have a level of affinity with box artist and friend Robert Lee. Both make conceptual work around acquired objects and various boxes or receptacles.

Yes there was affinity! 2 hours after arrival we moved from the exhibition WAC to the Bishops place garden as we chatted and wandered in that lovely space.

then the news that an edition of my print in the exhibition had sold, what a day!

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