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The Spirit of Art (in Peace & Reconciliation)

It has been an immensely creative experience to curate the The Spirit of Art (in Peace and Reconciliation) exhibition recently especially as we were given spaces in virtually the whole of the downstairs area at the Ammerdown Retreat Centre.

The set up and curation involved four of the featured artists and it continues to be really stimulating to work with light, shade, glass, corridors, rooms and the chapel area where installations could be safely installed as well as looking good. Delegating tasks to those who were more familiar to citing three-dimensional work as well as paintings, collages and prints; all responding to the themes of hospitality, peace and reconciliation.

There was no selection process for artists other than we agreed to put up two or three pieces of work, and actually there was enough room for three pieces each.

The opening event included music from to local musicians, Vicki Burke and Nicola Clarke (who also exhibited paintings) on a gentle summer evening with a good turn out of about 50 people.

There has been interest from others who would like to be involved in a similar future event.

The exhibition is closed now until 6th July when we are reopening with a Meet the Artist event if you'd like to come along?

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