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A Shattering Halt and Needing the Help of Others!

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Well the pandemic goes on and we are in mid-September. I came back from caring for mum and two weeks later it was my turn to have an accident!

17 stiches later… brought me to a shattering halt and suddenly it was my turn to ask for the help of others, but now retrospectively as my injuries heal, I’m glad to be at home in lovely Frome.

The art also came to a halt but then I began responding and created the experience; a response to very considerable pain and one of humour, including using netting that oranges bags are put in to suggest fishnet stockings!

Both the earlier evocative watercolours and the leg collage can be seen alongside prints that you have seen on the front page of this website during Somerset Arts Week at the home of Sarah Truscott (weaver) and Kate Cochrane (painter).

From September 19th to October 4th, we will be exhibiting at:

5 Gurnville Cottages

Little Keyford Lane


BA11 5BD

Work will be in a gazebo outside or in Sarah’s workshop at the end of the garden. Social distancing will obviously be followed and visitors need to phone in advance: 07803169292 (Viv) or 07986 631694 (Sarah)

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