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Artist in Residence for the Day at Yew Tree Studios in Worcester

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

It’s now eight days since this reconnecting event, thanks to Yew Tree Artist Studios which gave me the opportunity to share my artwork with friends and colleagues from my previous life of twenty-eight years living in Birmingham!

A lovely venue! Thank you Dan Holden (a fantastic artist in his own right!) and George Holden for offering me this venture which was a great deal of fun. Also, the tea shop on-site was an added benefit to the visors as well as the resident artist studios.

Thanks also to Sara Vian for coming along to help organise things, and Sue Burton for looking after both of us in South Birmingham so we were nearby for the start of the day.

Hoping to repeat next year (or sooner?) so those on holiday at weddings and other events can come!

Delighted to say that I sold a number of works including a green version of the above intaglio print, "HeadPiece" to an ex-colleague who asked me to put the story on the back as she's recently lost her mother too...

The inspiration for "HeadPiece" was a rose on my 94 year old Mum’s funeral bouquet. However when the etching showed lines that were harsher than I required, I turned the print on its head! It produced another image alluding to the outline of a head, a different memorial.

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